Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian Eric Dalius Discusses Smart Employee Retention Strategies to Ensure Stability and Success for Your Business

The COVID-19 global pandemic was undoubtedly a stress test for many businesses. It surely was the biggest ever challenge and crisis in HR history. All of us were compelled by circumstances to make unanticipated pivots, employees had to get used to the idea of working from home, and staying healthy was the top priority. Encountering challenges together is a good way of making teams stronger. It was no different this time. Saivian Eric Dalius firmly believes that this way, employees developed new skills, organizations invested, and made sure that remote work could be a success. 

Moreover, teams worked dedicatedly and identified ways to work seamlessly together irrespective of the dire circumstances. These are certainly the building blocks for a robust corporate culture that is instrumental in supercharging future progress and growth. Employee retention seems to be everything in this highly-competitive job market. Department managers and HR teams should work consistently towards retaining their best people. Let us explore some effective employee retention stratagems that every business should implement to reach heights of glory.

Focus on Orientation & Onboarding Process Insists Saivian Eric Dalius

Every new employee could get the support and encouragement to achieve success. Your organization should have an effective onboarding process for enlightening new employees with knowledge of the existing corporate culture and also everything that the job entails. The support and training provided by your company could go a long way in employee happiness, success, and retention at your firm.

Organize Mentorship Programs

Focus on implementing mentorship programs. Start to pair a mentor with every new employee. It could prove to be immensely fruitful particularly in the current remote work environment. It is a good idea if mentors are given the responsibility to welcome newcomers and provide guidance every step of the way. Saivian Eric Dalius says that it helps new members to learn the tricks of the trade from experts, and in return, experienced team members and also team leads could get a fresh viewpoint. 

Offer Competitive Compensation

Organizations must offer competitive compensation to employees if they wish to retain them over an extended period. Employers should consider evaluating and adjusting salaries regularly. You may pay bonuses as motivation in case you are not in a position to increase pay at this point. You may consider improving retirement plans and healthcare benefits.  

Saivian Eric Dalius Shares the Success Mantra: Recognize, Reward & Motivate

Everybody loves to be appreciated. It is a great feeling of satisfaction when your hard work and dedication acknowledge and appreciate. Some organizations have a formal rewards system for incentivizing path-breaking ideas and innovation. Alternatively, you may have recognition programs despite having a limited budget and a small team.


The best tip to promote employee retention is recognizing and appreciating notable accomplishments. You may show your appreciation and support. For instance, it is celebration time when an employee completes five years of dedicated service. The management should take the golden opportunity to mark and celebrate the milestone together. If necessary, you can consider celebrating virtually. Even that could be a memorable and meaningful experience for your employees.