Saivian Eric Dalius

How to start an online business as an entrepreneur tip by Saivian Eric Dalius

As entrepreneurs, many of us dream about starting an online business. After all, entrepreneurs are innovative people who take pride in their ability to develop new ideas and turn them into profitable businesses says Saivian Eric Dalius. thanks to the Internet entrepreneurs can now start an online business in the comfort of their homes without having to rent office spaces or hire employees. anybody with a great idea for a business can start an online business by providing products or services online. Entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses should learn how to start an online business since starting digital ventures doesn’t require as much money as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Here are 5 steps by Saivian Eric Dalius entrepreneurs should follow before starting an online business:

Step 1- Developing the idea foryour online business

Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business should develop a unique idea and plan on how they will turn this idea into a profitable venture. entrepreneurs should look for an unexploited niche that other entrepreneurs aren’t interested in since there’s no competition to face when selling products or services online. entrepreneurs should also choose an industry that they are passionate about since entrepreneurs will have to spend a lot of time and effort developing their online business. entrepreneurs should learn how to start an online business in an industry that they’re interested in and can manage without too many challenges.

Step 2- Selecting the type of online business to be launched

Saivian Eric Dalius says entrepreneurs who want to start an online business must select a specific type of business they want to launch. entrepreneurs have the option of choosing between launching a product-based online business or a service-based online venture. entrepreneurs must decide on what type of business they would like to start depending on their interests, skills, and capital. entrepreneurs who have great ideas for products but lack computer programming skills can consider starting an online product-based business. entrepreneurs who lack ideas for products can start an online service-based business and offer to deliver the product on behalf of their clients.

Step 3- Deciding on a domain name and developing a website

 Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business must register a unique domain name for their digital venture and develop a website. entrepreneurs can register their own domain names for as low as $12 per year. entrepreneurs who want free domain name registration can consider using special platforms offered by hosting companies that allow entrepreneurs to use subdomains. entrepreneurs don’t need to hire professionals to design their websites since there are hundreds of templates available online entrepreneurs can choose from depending on the type of business they plan to start. entrepreneurs should learn how to design websites since designing one is an important requirement for entrepreneurs who want to launch online businesses.

Step 4- developing a marketing plan

A marketing plan helps entrepreneurs keep track of their advertising and promotional activities in order to establish a successful online business. entrepreneurs who don’t have a clear idea of how they are going to sell their products or services online will have a hard time establishing an online business. entrepreneurs who want to start an online business should learn how to start an online business by developing a marketing plan that includes advertising and promotional activities entrepreneurs should use to reach potential customers. entrepreneurs should also develop a budget for their electronic venture since entrepreneurs will have to spend money on various online business activities. entrepreneurs who launch online businesses should spend at least 5 percent of their net profits on advertising to promote their products or services.

Step 5- Launching the electronic venture

Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business must prepare all the necessary requirements to launch their e-commerce sites successfully. The entrepreneurs should ensure that their website is well in design and easy to use. Entrepreneurs who hire professionals to design their websites should ask for customer reviews. In order to determine if the site was successfully developing or not. And must also create a unique and catchy logo for their online business. And purchase all web domain names related to their venture. In order to protect them from cyber squatters’ also must submit their e-commerce sites to search engines and directories so they can increase website traffic.


Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business must become familiar with all the steps involved. Entrepreneurs should follow in order to launch a successful business venture. However, Entrepreneurs can succeed in their electronic ventures if they learn how to start an online business successfully. Entrepreneurs should always be on the lookout for new online trends. Also, entrepreneurs can use it as a springboard for launching a profitable online venture. They should also consider participating in online forums entrepreneurs can use to network with potential clients. Entrepreneurs can find out what type of products or services entrepreneurs are looking for entrepreneurs can offer to deliver.