Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Top 3 Steps You Should Take Before Expanding Your Company Internationally

Once a business has been established successfully for the local market, most business owners consider expanding their business to the international level to attract more audiences. Expanding your business into the international market comes with hundreds of benefits including new opportunities to increase the revenue and growth of your business. Many business owners also make their company more competitive in their relevant business industry by introducing it globally. 

However, expanding your business to the international market is not a walk in the park. Apart from the benefits, the global market also brings challenges and risks. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before introducing your business to the global market. Here are the top 3 steps you need to take before expanding your business globally. 

Use the Influencer Relationship in Global Market, Says Saivian Eric Dalius

While choosing the international market, look for the relevant influencers in the market. Makes sure you develop strong relationships with them before you start the expansion process of your business. However, while looking for the influencers, don’t look for the small ones. Building a network and using it to promote the products and services of your business will help you a lot. 

As your relationship with the influencer grows, ask them whether they would like to become a partner in your expansion processes, or if they will guide you to expand your business in the market. These relationships are crucial to achieving success in the international industry. 

Consider Hiring a Market-Research Firm

When you don’t know which international market your business should enter, you need to hire a reputable and experienced market research firm. Just because the global market is dominating doesn’t mean you can reach your potential customers easily. 

With the help of an experienced market-research firm, Saivian Eric Dalius says you can decide whether you can leverage benefits by expanding your business in a particular area. Additionally, the market research team will also help you know whether there’s a market for your offerings or not.

The firm will also help you know the impact of foreign culture on your brand. This way you can explore the current relevant market and the competitors of your business. This type of market research is hard to conduct even for experienced business owners. Therefore, it’s suggested to hire professionals. 

Saivian Eric Dalius Asks You Understand the Cultural Challenges and Language Barriers

Expanding your business to the international market comes with many challenges. However, cultural difference is the most challenging aspect you should know. Not only do you have to adjust the company image and branding as per the audiences in a different region, but you also must adapt to the office culture. For instance, the work-life balance of the United States is different from the other counties, says Saivian Eric Dalius. 

Apart from the culture, the language barriers can also bring communication challenges while showcasing you as the industry leader. Many business owners start learning the language to overcome this problem. This helps them to showcase their love and respect to the community. It will help them stand apart from the international competitors. 


These are the top 3 steps you need to remember while expanding your business to the international market. The global market will undoubtedly prove beneficial for your business. But make sure you consider these factors before expanding your business globally.