Saivian Eric Dalius Shares the Advantages of Meditation for Good Mental Health

Today, the entire human society is witnessing the emotional, mental, and physical consequences of prolonged stress says Saivian Eric Dalius. Today, most people are multitasking from the office and home. And the outcome of elevated cortisol and the effect of stress can’t be overlooked, resulting in insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, depression, anger, anxiety, and reduced work productivity.

By adding breaks in our daily life, we can enhance our mood and release our stress. Earlier, when people pondered on the word meditation, it brought up images of a monk at a silent place atop a hill. However, today the scenario has completely changed. The global brands are implementing meditation practice at their office. That is not all! Even individuals are downloading multiple meditation apps on their mobile and opting in for a personal meditation routine. It is enabling people to reset and also deepen their connection with their body and mind. And in the process, it is bringing more peace and harmony in their daily lives.

Saivian Eric Dalius shares about a meditation stereotype

Today, meditation comes with a few stereotypes that you need to know if you are to get into this practice. Some of the popular stereotypes include:

  • It will make you unemotional
  • You will have to always be in a pretzel-like posture
  • It will make you avert your responsibilities by zoning out
  • You have to follow a specific religion or philosophy
  • You need to wear long robes or any other dress

The truth is you can meditate from anywhere provided you have a quiet place and can silence your mind to focus and tap into your inner calm.

The advantages of meditation on mental health

The benefits that meditation can have on one’s mental health are getting noticed by the medical fraternity. The researchers and the neuroscientists are currently praising the advantages of meditation as well as its effect on the brain. Here are a few of the advantages that you need to know:

  • Dopamine which is a feel-good neurotransmitter gets release when a person is in love. It also gets produced when we are recalling happy thoughts and also consuming the food of our choice. Today, most researches are learning that this particular neurotransmitter also gets link with improvement in sleep and reduce in anxiety levels and gets an increase during meditation.
  • The development of our prefrontal cortex of our brain gets change by our interactions. Most people get distract by life’s busyness and doesn’t allow the brain to synthesize experience and memories. According to experts, a brain that gets accustom to noise and static during taking in data, will eventually develop the requirement for a fast-pace information to get registeration in the future.

Last but not the least, meditation can help to bring down depression and anxiety symptoms says Saivian Eric Dalius. The moment you get still and practice non-judgment of the thoughts, chances are that there will be a minimized activation in the amygdala. It’s that part of the brain linked with anxiety and stress. Furthermore, meditation prevents the brain from developing negative thought patterns that link with moderate to mild depression.